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Funeral Policies

The passing of a loved one often brings necessary and unforeseen expenses for which most of us are unprepared. Many of us do not keep track of the present costs of a funeral, and even if there is a provision, it may very well fall short.

A funeral needs to be peaceful so that the bereaved family and friends can mourn effectively. Peace does not only come in a form of physical serenity but also as a mental and emotional one.

A loved one who is supposed to take care of the wake may not be financially able to do so. A suitable alternative for this situation is funeral expense insurance. If the premium for the insurance is fully paid, the person will have the means to settle the funeral according to the insurance.

The following are value for money funeral policies offered by East Rand Funeral Directors

Insured Amount R10 000 R20 000 R30 000
Premium p/m  
Single persons R54.00 R77.00 R100.00
Families R45.00 R78.00 R110.00
Total premium p/m R99.00 R155.00 R210.00
  • Premiums include cover for spouse and up to 5 children.
  • Maximum age for main member are 64 years.
  • Extended family members can be added up to 75 years.

Benefit Allocation

The table below shows the cover per insured (if applicable) as a percentage of the benefit

Main Insured 100%
Partner 100%
Children (14 - 20 years) 100%
Children (6 - 13 years) 50%
Children (1 - 5 years) 25%
Children (0 - 1 year / stillborn) 12.5%

* Unmarried children are covered up until date of 21st birthday or their 25th birthday if they are full-time students or if they are mentally or physically disabled. Stillborn children will be covered from 29 weeks from the date of conception.

** Entry Age refers to age last birthday when cover commences for that insured persons.

*** Cease Age refers to the insured person's age exact.