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Over time we have developed a very strong ministering component as part of the service we provide.

We endeavour to enable families to attend a funeral service and to live life normally after the service. All families have the opportunity to engage in extended conversation after the service by means of different media.

Pastoral care and counselling are conducted by professionals and are outcome based. We help families cope with their situation and ensure that they are fully functional again.

Regular seminars are presented by our pastoral team, including guest speakers, covering different topics to further ensure that families get all the support they might need.

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Trauma can be decrypted as circumstances, normally outside your own control, which overthrows your normal way of living. After trauma caused by death you will probably never be able to look at your world the same way you looked at it yesterday. Within this truth and parameter it will be experienced that the worst of happenings can happen with everyone in life.

After the death of a loved one, people can experience vast difficulties to cope with the daily responsibilities of life. It is common for death, when it becomes a reality, to have a dramatic impact on our daily routine and general wellbeing.

Death brings suffering, tears, pain, and the belief that everything is out of control. It's understood only by those who have experienced this reality. You feel like being in a deep black hole and despite your best efforts you just fall deeper into the darkness. There is just no escape from this painful reality!

If you are forced to deal with this reality of death and it feels as if you are trapped in darkness without any hope of recovery, you have the privilege to know that a team of highly skilled and dedicated counsellors stand ready to take your hand and guide you through this painful ordeal.

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